Friday, April 16, 2010

My Take on the Goldman Sachs Allegations

BACKGROUND: here is Felix Salmon going in to really great depth on the Goldman Sachs S.E.C. allegations for those of you unfamiliar with the story.

I'm personally long Goldman Sachs (GS) after they lost almost $13 billion in market cap today. The settlement is expected to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and GS as a whole only made $4 billion off of subprime bets in general.

Obviously the market is expecting this to have residual effects on their other lines of business, however when I look at the landscape for the business they're involved in I think they've got a pretty good lock down. I would expect GS to distance themselves from the ABACUS events, and potentially blame it on the actions of a few individuals rather than GS internal protocol.

They may end up being liable, however if the trial of the former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers is any indication, some times it's hard to get these charges to stick. Especially since Goldman is going to throw A LOT of money at this to try and make it go away.

This may be my own personal bias, but Goldman Sachs has the ability to snap up the best and brightest minds. If you get a job offer from them, you think long and hard about dropping everything to give it a shot. I'm not going to say I necessarily morally agree with the sorts of things they do, but in terms of having the capacity to make money, they certainly have it. When you have the best minds and a corporate culture that rewards you very well for making contributions to the P/L, you're going to continue to have success in the financial services industry.

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